OMG my hands!!!

August 15, 2007

…are aching so badly.

I attempted Beautiful Brown Eyes today and I just couldn’t stop. I played non stop for around 90 mins and just had to nail it or I would go crazy.

I learnt the main song fairly quickly but then adding the pedal really changes things. This is definately the first challenging piece for me in the Alfred course. I know from experience with the guitar, its actually better to take a break. I find coming back from the break I can play better with a clear head. But I gotta go to work tomorrow and I needed to get this done tonight.

I got the hang of it, recorded it and let out the biggest sigh of relief. So I decided to listen to the CD and ……….I played it way too fast!! I’m banging my head on the table.

But oh well I’ve run out of time anyway, so here it is


EDIT: just realised I got one note completly wrong. Off to re-record!

Version 2 – http://www.box.net/shared/5hsq81lolr

Oh I still don’t know how to read those ties on the sheet music, so I probably got them wrong. I just held down the chords anyway. Can anyone explain?

I don’t even want to look at the next page yet. I probably won’t work on the next piece until the weekend as I have band practice tomorrow, so time to rock out on the guitar.


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