Back on guitar

August 18, 2007

Had a jam with a bandmate the other day.  Just realised how rubbish I have become on the guitar.  When it comes to improvising on the spot, I am pretty much useless.  Thinking about it, although I pick up my guitar every day I haven’t learnt a new song in 3 years now.  I have always tried to come up with my own stuff.  My playing level has become stagnant and I end up playing the same chords over and over.  I need to learn something new.  Taking up the piano has been inspiring because it IS something new and I almost forgot how fun that is!

I just feel myself improving musically on every level at the moment.  I can’t really express how refreshing the feeling is.  Thinking back, I had a wasted childhood, I wish I had started earlier.  But no point feeling like that, I can only move forward and get better!

Today I am learning Kathy’s Song by Simon and Garfunkel on guitar.  Fairly easy but its such a beautiful song.

Not abandoning the piano either, I will work on the next exercise tonight from the Alfred course.


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