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Bought a bass guitar

August 23, 2007

Haven’t progessed with Alfred recently, although I have been practicing Beautiful Brown Eyes whenever I had the chance and it really seems easy now. Well at least I get sense of improvement.

Anyway, I bought a new bass guitar on an impulse buy last weekend. It was pretty much the cheapest in shop but the guys were praising it a lot, even over more expensive models such a the popular Fender Squier series. And I did try all of them out and I have to agree with them. I did make a note to myself before never to cheap out on musical instruments after having to endure my first acoustic guitar. But this was an exception. It feels really nice and build quality is quite good for a Chinese made instrument. The fretboard is apparently ‘contemporary’ which is a little fatter than traditional bass guitars. My hands are kinda small though and it looks really funny when I play it, and I do find it difficult to play the first few frets. But overall I am happy with it, I only need it for recording really. But who knows I might decide to become a bassist.


Back on guitar

August 18, 2007

Had a jam with a bandmate the other day.  Just realised how rubbish I have become on the guitar.  When it comes to improvising on the spot, I am pretty much useless.  Thinking about it, although I pick up my guitar every day I haven’t learnt a new song in 3 years now.  I have always tried to come up with my own stuff.  My playing level has become stagnant and I end up playing the same chords over and over.  I need to learn something new.  Taking up the piano has been inspiring because it IS something new and I almost forgot how fun that is!

I just feel myself improving musically on every level at the moment.  I can’t really express how refreshing the feeling is.  Thinking back, I had a wasted childhood, I wish I had started earlier.  But no point feeling like that, I can only move forward and get better!

Today I am learning Kathy’s Song by Simon and Garfunkel on guitar.  Fairly easy but its such a beautiful song.

Not abandoning the piano either, I will work on the next exercise tonight from the Alfred course.