Small entry today

August 14, 2007

Not much time during the week to practice the piano.  I thought I could complete two songs today but Beautiful Brown Eyes turned out a bit tricky.  Ok it isn’t too hard, but it introduces a new chord (the C major inversion mentioned in my last entry) and my hands aren’t used to it yet.  Hopefully I will have it down by tomorrow.

Also discovered something about recording my piano.  Not sure if you can notice it on my two previous recordings but you can hear a faint bassy sound, this is the tapping sound the keys makes on my digital piano.  I totally forgot my piano had recording functions.  So now I record myself with the piano first and then play it back while recording to my PC, hopefully having less unwanted noise.  If only the playback button didn’t have an annoying click!!  I suppose I could play a note and leave a pause before playing and then cut it out at mixdown.

Liza Jane –  http://www.box.net/shared/yf4krqn4ei



  1. Good job! Whenever you post a recording, it always sounds great. You must spend a good chunk of time for every song in the book. I should try to do the same instead of rushing them. I’m on Beautiful Brown Eyes now. The pedaling tricks me every time. :X

  2. Thanks for the kind words 😉

    But OMG didn’t realise BBE had the pedal in it!!!

  3. LOL! I wish there wasn’t a pedal in it. I would have been done with it already. Good to see you progress though. I haven’t gotten a chance to play since I have a midterm coming up. :X

  4. Keep at it while you can. I took a huge break and its not good 😀

    Good luck with you exams.

  5. Here it is 5 years later …. Did you ever learn to play! I am stuck on Beautiful Brown Eyes now .. Hope fully it is tricky for all beginners, but we all get past it and go on to become great pianists!

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