Bought a bass guitar

August 23, 2007

Haven’t progessed with Alfred recently, although I have been practicing Beautiful Brown Eyes whenever I had the chance and it really seems easy now. Well at least I get sense of improvement.

Anyway, I bought a new bass guitar on an impulse buy last weekend. It was pretty much the cheapest in shop but the guys were praising it a lot, even over more expensive models such a the popular Fender Squier series. And I did try all of them out and I have to agree with them. I did make a note to myself before never to cheap out on musical instruments after having to endure my first acoustic guitar. But this was an exception. It feels really nice and build quality is quite good for a Chinese made instrument. The fretboard is apparently ‘contemporary’ which is a little fatter than traditional bass guitars. My hands are kinda small though and it looks really funny when I play it, and I do find it difficult to play the first few frets. But overall I am happy with it, I only need it for recording really. But who knows I might decide to become a bassist.



  1. so you have like a proper piano at home now? (Read through some of your previous posts)

    I’ve been considering getting piano lessons, but you’d need a piano at home to practice right? and I’d have no space for that.

    I dunno why, but I feel like ‘I can touch type, so of course I’d be able to play the piano’ <which is probably seven kinds of wrong.

  2. Hey ka ming, hows it going?

    I have a digital piano – full weighted keys, pedals etc.

    You don’t have to go full size. You can get a digital piano is like the size of a keyboard. Still pretty wide though with the full 88 keys. Something like this would suit you – http://www.yamaha.com/yamahavgn/CDA/ContentDetail/ModelSeriesDetail/0,,CNTID%25253D21486%252526CTID%25253D,00.html

    No idea about the touch type thing, I guess it would help.

    But yeah if you have piano lessons you gotta get a piano as you are unlikely to have more than an hour each week. Most of your ability will come from the time spent practicing.

  3. That’s a bit pricey. 3/4 of my wages

    I’ll need to think about how committed I would be to it. [what with all the costs involved]

    Are you taking lessons are just learning from the book?

  4. Learning from the book. I have been looking for a teacher but its pretty expensive in this area.

    Hey did you get my email?

  5. Just looked at it. And replied XD.
    How do you know if you’re doing it right or not if you don’t have a teacher?

  6. I dont. Thats why Im looking for a teacher.

    Might take a while to find a good one, but it aint gonna stop me practicing. However having said that, I havent practiced in a couple of weeks. Need to learn the next piece.

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